Is the year ending a new beginning ?

Yet another year comes to an end and it is inevitably a human nature to look back on the year gone by- on whether we met the target we set for ourselves over the year, what we would consider an achievement, what we fell short in,and so on and so forth. It is especially so for people in the writing profession.

It is hard to meet the target we writers set for ourselves in the beginning of the year. In this creative profession where there is no one breathing on our necks to meet a deadline or scrutinizing each step , it is wholly dependent on us how we meet the writing targets we set for ourselves, whether by the number of hours spent on writing, research, improving vocabulary and sentence structures etc.

The achievements in writing, in my opinion, can also account for the books we read over the year, the articles or blogs we got published, the books that we were able to finish writing and made efforts towards getting published. But generally it is easier said than done. The fact that I am returning to my blog after many months shows that freelance writing is not a time bound activity. However, coming to the last day of the year, there is a pressure to assess the same before the clock for the new year sets in .

I would consider a few targets I set for myself that I could not meet. For ex. the novel I began in 2020 is yet to make a progress. The Sc-fi story I conceptualized in the beginning of the year has not seen light of the day. However, the fact that my book of quotes and poetry Dulcet of Pink Petals was published is my biggest achievement of the year. I have attached the book cover pic at the top. I would consider my article on Green Hydrogen as another achievement towards writing on environment and sustainability. The awards winning best sellers- The monk who sold his ferrari, The english patient, When we were orphans , Rumi’s poetry, the Psychology of money a recent best seller , A thousand stitches are the books I am proud of having read.

There are activities like travelling whose creative side can certainly help blossom a person into a better writer. Among other achievements which I would consider as the biggest of the year and I am proud of is my progress towards entreprenuership-my startup Surya tech and the progress it made in a short span of three months.

The year ends and a new cycle begins. If our new resolutions include carrying on the unfinished projects with the same gusto as the previous year , there is no ending or beginning , rather it is a continuum.

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